What Is A Life Insurance ?

legal relations between the insurance organization (the insurer) and the individual or legal entity (the insured) on the protection of the insured’s property interests.


The insured compensates the damage caused by the accident, through the insurance fund, to the insured. The insurance fund is created from the payments of the


.The insured risk must meet certain characteristics. For example, damage caused by nuclear and radiation accidents is often not covered by insurance.


[1]Basic life insurance, as we call it, is a small life insurance policy covered by your employer that is usually free to you. Voluntary life insurance. Voluntary life insurance is additional life insurance that you can purchase for yourself through your


.Voluntary spousal life insurance is a financial protection plan that provides a cash benefit. The employee pays monthly for this plan and in return, if they die, the money is given to their


.AD&D Insurance FAQ AD&D can supplement life insurance because it . And if you die in an accident, it pays out as life .life insurance is an additional benefit provided by an employer that provides a cash benefit to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured employee. It is often paid with a monthly premium that takes the form of a payroll deduction.


This will be available upon or shortly after the employee is .If you buy voluntary life insurance for yourself, you have the option of buying life insurance for your dependents


. Dependent Child Life Insurance provides up to $10,000 in benefits in the event of your child’s death, depending on the child’s age., how are auto insurance premiums calculated? bonus and penalty car insurance is calculated by the coefficient of the driver: initially equal to 1, it increased by 25% for any accident (penalty), and decreased by 5% per year without an accident (bonus).


It is a government insurer’s directory with increased est. the amount requested for insurance in the event of death is important, and the cost of life insurance will be higher. However, many insurers offer discounts beyond coverage d’un a certain amount, such as $500,000 or $1,000,000.So what is the fiscal power for the young driver?


It is generally recommended for young drivers to choose a car tax not exceeding 6 horse power. de horse casting le young driver depends on insurance companies and auto insurance .Le weights each amount according to the number of people the government is asking for. Simple at the time of approval, the goal is to estimate how many policyholders will choose a particular insurer, model or .How to calculate the insurance amount?


To calculate the monthly insurance payments, increase the insurance rate by the amount determined by the bank, debt capital, then divide the result by 12 (number of months of the year).In practice, these costs usually vary between 2 and 4%. They generally decrease, therefore, depending on the amount of the deposit: for example, 3.5% for payment less than 10.000 euros, 3% from 10.000 to 30.000 euros and 2.5% .



There are a number of problems in the current state social insurance system, and one of them is the proper coverage of the organized sector of the economy, namely, rural producers and self-employed people with social insurance. Although they make up 40 percent of the working population of the republic, they pay only 3 percent of all contributions.

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