How To Check Any Wifi Password Easy?

In Spain, there is a wireless access point called , available to its users in public centers and other places, the problem is that it is easy to access under normal conditions


, but theoretically it is not known, at least for the majority of citizens of the site, who received the Wi-Fi password. Of course, this information is absolutely necessary for surfing the Internet. In this article you will find more information about it, it is recommended to continue .


There is a big question mark in everything related to password because very few people know the password to access and in turn enjoy the internet service, for example in classrooms there are many difficulties when students demand some information.


As mentioned, the internet, when it comes to any assignment or research, is full of great ignorance. It is clear that the key is hindering the learning .


aspect of Wi-Fi password that is somewhat of a hindrance in education is that almost none of the teachers have a password, so any work assignment over the Internet is very difficult


no such .On the other hand, with all that has been said, it is clear that managing the key is a very important aspect, so space and time is devoted to finding the key.


a very useful tool and Andalusian users to access the Internet service, keeping it as accurate as .ESSID (Name) There are some networks such as “” that appreciate the fact that this key is practically unknown, so its use is mainly limited to mini laptops, which are given to students in several operations of the Junta de . also intends to gradually expand the use of Wi-Fi to employees of shopping .


There is a version of Ubuntu from the EDU series, which uses few computer resources and factory tools, it is called Open Office with Linux distribution and in addition, the Board promotes the fact of the project to encourage its use. free software within its autonomous community.


This project is inspired by another similar project called , but managed by the Junta de


.One of the biggest advantages of these Linux installations is that while the user is performing the said installation, the network connection is automatically created as soon as the aforementioned key is entered and it is also saved .


All this shows that connection using Linux is straightforward, but regardless of the fact that the key must be protected in some file or other place, every researcher, even an intermediate level, may be interested to know it.


Wi-Fi .In the area of ​​​​Andalusia, as well as in some other sectors, there is a concern to find the password details, for which it is necessary to follow a sequence of steps that will allow you to reach the goal of the search and the key. details , you need to install Microsoft Virtual PC, which starts the process by creating a virtual machine.


After that, you need to download the ISO image of the distribution, it takes a long time to download, and it should be noted that this program has a weight of 3 GB.
The next step is to install the corresponding image on the created virtual machine.


After this step, there is a waiting period, the time of which is not fully determined, but after the process is completed, a logical view of this fact appears.

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