How To Check Whatsapp data?

WhatsApp is the most used and popular instant messaging application in Italy. For this, there are several methods to check from another device


. But be careful! Some of them can be used by malicious people who want to spy on your messages and .In this guide, we will explain how it is possible and possible and how we should behave to avoid these spying activities.


why a great defense is a good offense. ?The main way to check your WhatsApp profile on your mobile phone is to access WhatsApp Web, a free service offered by WhatsApp itself, to remotely monitor your messages.


This service is very convenient in office situations, when you are in front of your computer and when your mobile phone is not on the


.First of all,
. You will see a very simple screen with a QR code like this:
Now, access WhatsApp from your mobile phone.
You will get a screen like this:


You need to frame the screen of your computer with your mobile phone, specifically with the QR code that appears in step 1, if you take the time to follow these steps

WhatsApp Web will ask you to generate a new code, don’t worry, go
you allowed WhatsApp to use your mobile camera? If not, step 3 will ask you to allow the app to use the camera. Select Continue and then confirm this


.There are also other applications for Android and iOS that allow you to clone private chats to remotely reply to WhatsApp messages, such as WhatsApp


.In their various stores for Android and iOS devices, there are many parental control applications that are useful for parents to control their children’s disproportionate (or worse, dangerous) cell phone


.Among the various options is the ability to limit or even block the use of certain applications (WhatsApp, in this case).There are tools that are much more powerful and more dangerous to your privacy than the applications discussed so far.


We are talking about key logger applications (o Keyboard Capture), which are applications that save everything you type on the keyboard to a file. Just to name a few of these apps (Spy (free)) and (three-day free trial, then $49.99 per month)


, they allow you to monitor all the activities on your installed phone from the comfort of your home .For people who are “satisfied” with spying on their WhatsApp login, there are several solutions that can be used. (available in Play Store, App Store) and (Play Store).


These applications are capable of generating daily reports on WhatsApp logins and exits as well as minutes spent on the application by the person being spied .revealing all these applications and how to install and use them


, we will get down to business. How do you protect yourself from malicious people trying to spy on your ?All the applications described require the mobile phone of a potentially malicious person to be available. So, do not leave your phone unattended and do not give it to strangers so that nothing affects your privacy.

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