How to install extensions for Google Chrome

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you love Google Chrome, but above all, you’re wondering how to install chrome extensions on Android. Or, in the next article, we’ll let you know if our navigation-friendly extensions are installed on your Android mobile phone.

One of the characteristics of desktop or computer browsers like Google Chrome is its extensive extensions, in this case with more advantages.

However, even if we say that you can’t add Chrome extensions for Android, they can be installed in a third-party browser, which will be popular and it might be something similar to you. It’s called Kiwi and it was developed by arnaud42 (XDA User). Kiwi Browser lets you install extensions quickly and easily – our solution to extension problems.

First of all, we need to tell you something or clarify something, there is a downside, unfortunately not all extensions are compatible with Kiwi browser. Support for Kiwi is limited to extensions that do not use x86 binaries, so we apologize that the most complex extensions of the program may not be installed in the browser. Known and loaded majority, said:. uBlock Origin or TamperMonkey work without problems that we know of.

As you can see, you are already thinking, first install Kiwi Browser from Google Play Store. After installation, you can open any window you have and just follow these steps:

Click on the three dots on the top right to open the Kiwi browser settings
After opening them, select “Extensions”.
Now click on the text “Google” or click on the three lines at the top left, then select “Open Kiwi Web Store”. These two possibilities lead to one place: the Google Chrome Extension Store.

Once it’s fully loaded, the Kiwi extension will display the information it needs to enter.
Finally, you should select “OK” and wait a few seconds until the installation is complete.
Once you are sure that the installation is complete, tap on the usual three dots on the top right again and then scroll down to the bottom, and indeed, the extension has been successfully installed on your mobile. If you click on it after all that, you can activate it, manage it or configure it as you want.
Coming here, you may also be asking yourself how to remove an extension. Yes, it is done in a very simple way. You need to type “chrome://extensions” in the search bar, but without quotes, and you will be able to access the list of all the extensions you have installed on Kiwi and the smartphone. After that, you can see a “delete” button appear under each of them. Click that button, accept what they ask, and voila, you’ll uninstall the extension.

To give you a few more tips and to make it easier to find everything, you should know that the official Chrome extension store is on the web, which is From there you can click on each of them and

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